Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Test and Writings

Well, this blog was initially intended to be a test to see if Flock can post it to two blogs at a time, notably Xanga and Blogger. If it can, I'm considering opening a blog with all the major services and doing multi-posts, so I can be connected on every facet.

In other words, if it's easier to connect by being multifarious in my choice of services, why not be?

Multifarious = varied, according to

So what else is going on? It's raining outside, and it poured like cats and dogs last night. I am pleased to note that my biological clocks and circadian rhythms are still in effect. I went to bed a little late for me (after midnight) and this morning I still woke up on cue at 7 o'clock. I am most pleased with this. I am steadily weaning myself off of alarm clocks altogether.

Breakfast consisted of a banana and the heel of a loaf of bread with some peanut butter on it. I feel like an apple wants to be added to that mix as well.

So I hung out with the Brothers Watson last night (Mason and Robert), and Rollins. It was great to see everybody, including Robert's dog Bacon. Bacon is a white bulldog with a brown and white face, and he is very protective of his master. He is a good dog. Also I got to see Lisa, the mother of the Watsons, who seemed happy and healthy. We all swung by the mall, where I got absorbed in a really excellent statue standing outside the cigar shop. The statue is a "native american" and I don't know whether the artist was simply incredible or the wood was still alive, but that thing seemed uncannily real at times. Uncannily so.

Autre de ca, there isn't a whole lot to write about. There will be no beach walks today; the weather has seen to that. It probably is a rain day . . . inside all day enjoying the sounds of wind and rain.

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