Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A (Planned) Quick Update

Hello, loyalists and dissenters alike!

Things have been quite busy here in this reality. What with college starting up for the summer semester, trying to get holds taken off of accounts so I can buy books, trying to figure out financial aid, dealing with the cafeteria closing at 6:30, trying to keep my eating pure in a cafeteria environment, yoga classes beginning, and of course classes themselves I am having a hard time keeping up with it all! Really. Also, I wanted to get a planner to help schedule my homework and due dates and things like that, and apparently the bookstore ignores the next few months as if they don't exist. Every planner starts in August or July. I realize those months are backwards in the temporal sense, but mentally that's the way they came out.

So I'll make do with scraps of paper translated into an online/computerized calendar, probably. The only problem with that is finding the time to organize it initially. I could be doing it right now, of course, but I feel getting this blog done is also important. I also need to take a shower, a quick one. I'm almost out of baking soda. Buy baking soda! I use baking soda for everything: washing my hair, brushing my teeth, deodorant. If you wash your hair with it it's best to rinse with a vinegar/water solution to keep your hair shiny. In the U.K. baking soda is called bicarbonate of soda. How about that?

I think tomorrow I'll talk a little bit about self-efficacy, willpower, positive change, and addiction. It's what my personal experience best qualifies me to talk about. Seriously. If I can do the stuff I've done, anyone can. I'm not some special breed of human or anything like that, at least not that I know of.

I'm also wondering what I'm going to do my English photo journal project on. I don't have a ton of pictures, but I'll have to look through what I have and see if any stories come to the forefront of my mind where I can see them. Thanks for being here.

So goodbye silliness. Herein we find. Blessings unto you and all those connected to you in any way. May the great love that we have created fill your soul and may it always replicate itself in endless fashion. May all your endeavors be fruitful. May all the things you view as negative be a force of positive energy and life and change for you. My prayers, thoughts, and blessings go out to you, always. May you keep the Lord, unity, life, love, peace, and happiness in your soul, in your life, and in your words always. May you always find peace. May you receive the gift of eternal peace, to be anything you desire, to do anything you wish, and to say anything you please. May all that you are, do, and say be righteous and holy. May all your days be filled with the love of those around you. May you see the world as a place of beauty and strive always to protect it. May you strive always to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. May you find joy in your responsibilities, peace in your work, and pleasure in your discomfort. May all that is bad become good, and may all that is good remain forever and absolute. Hello, morning light, hello star shine, hello love.

This will of course be posted on Xanga as well, like all of these entries:

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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Past Two Days

Okay, so here is an account of the past two days, and I will try to make it as detailed as possible but I realize that I am bound to leave things out. I also realize the inherent futility of simply rewriting something that happened, and with that realization, I also realize that I may skip over large tracts of time simply because the typing fingers don't want to keep up with the actual memory.

Anyway, so, Saturday Morning-ish Amber comes around and picks me up. We hungrily make our way to O'Charlies, where I begin to realize the true value of being a Vegan. Every single time I eat out, I am forced to develop a personal relationship with the wait staff, because no matter where it is, I have to ask questions about what's in the food, how it's cooked, etc., and I have to answer questions about why the heck I don't eat meat, why does it matter if the french fries are cooked in the same fryer as the meat, etc. (I believe in the ethical treatment of animals, there's no reason to eat them at this stage of human development. And if you cook animal meat in the fryer fat leaks out into the oil, and cooking french fries in that same oil allows the animal fat to seep back into the fries.)

So there I am at O'Charlies, explaining why I can't have cheese on my salad, why oil and vinegar is the only dressing I can trust, why I can't have sweet potato fries, and would you please bring me sides of broccolli (without butter sauce) and smashed potatoes (without butter) please, and I really get to talking to the waitress, who's got a friend who just recently joined PETA. Her friend used to go to horse races and then one day one of the horses died while she was watching and it freaked her out and she eventually realized how terribly they treat those poor creatures.

So anyway, Amber and I had a great meal. She had the beef quesadillas and sweet tea. I had my usual glass of water. We maintained a lively conversation about, well, everything. I couldn't give you a synopsis because a synopsis is impossible. So we sat and chatted and eventually finished eating. I finished quite a while after she did because I had been talking a lot and I really have never learned how to talk and eat at the same time, or at least to manage my eating time and talking time effectively so that I don't end up with tons of food while the listener is finished like ten minutes ago kind of situation thing. Amber got up and went to the bathroom while I arranged the table in Zen patterns of organization and energy flow while thinking about solar power and windmills. I noted her cell phone in the far corner of the table while doing this.

Amber returns and after figuring the tip she foots the bill seeing as how I had left what cash I had in the car. We got up to leave, neither of us noticing that she had left her phone behind. As we walk out the door, we pass through a large family with children and a baby and wives and dads and probably some uncles and aunts too. Someone comes running out of the restaurant, looks at us, and asks us, "Were you sitting at the bar?" Well, we had been sitting in a booth in the bar area, but neither of us realized this and so our initial answer was "No." We left, wondering what that was all about, and then decided to swing by the new Starbucks, which Starbucks built even though there's a Starbucks inside the Barns and Noble less than five hundred feet away (note, measurements are very approximate). I guess it's a good addition, because there was a drive through, which we used. While in the drive through we came to the realization that the phone had been left behind at O'Charlies. I offered to hop out of the car to go and get it, and Amber refused, quite reasonably, because in the time it would take me to walk there, she probably would have gotten her coffee and made it there before or around the same time as me. So we sat and talked and waited for her to get a mint moca frapaccino, which was a new item on the Starbucks menu. She asked if I like mint, and if I'm able to eat mint, which I am, since mint is a plant. However I abstain from coffee because I don't like the effect of caffeine on my energy levels. So after the coffee was delivered by a nice young man with a very modern accent who made sure we ordered the correct item, she began to pay with her card, but I insisted that the scene wait while I pulled out some cash to pay with instead. That went five dollars or so toward settling the seven dollar debt I had accrued during lunch. I had a twenty, and two of the dollars I received in change I put into her cup holder to finish paying off the lunch debt.

Coffee in hand, we made our way back to O'Charlies. Amber waited in the car while I hopped out and went inside, to the tune of a popular song that I recognized. At the front, I asked the lady who was working there if she knew of a phone that had been left inside. She said yes, in fact, and weren't you the two who I asked if you were sitting at the bar? I said yes, but we weren't sitting at the bar, we were sitting at a booth over there, pointing at the bar, and realizing that she must have meant the bar area. Oh, I meant the bar area, she of course confirmed. She reached into her drawer and pulled out Amber's phone. After a little bit of talk of how I had thought she meant the bar itself, I made sure to tell her to thank our waitress for putting up with my dietary madness and made my way back outside, phone in hand. The same song was still playing as I got back in the car and handed Amber her phone. I explained the entire situation about the bar versus the bar area, and how the girl who had asked us if we were sitting at the bar must have been really confused when we said we weren't.

So then we headed off toward St Martin School in Ocean Springs, where Amber was scheduled to participate in a drama as a part of Family Ministries production on patience. There was some fighting over the radio, and whether it should be on or off. I thought it should be off, and continued to turn it off whenever she turned it on. The conversation continued all the way to the school. We were several minutes late, primarily because of the entire debacle with the phone. There we met the fellow members of the drama crewe, Matt (Tyler), Cammy, and Kyle (Gordo). Amber = Sam.

Anyway, the weekend progressed, it was a really great weekend, and I really don't feel like chronicling the rest of it in such detail. Suffice it to say, I miss Amber and Matt and everyone else.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Early Morning

So we all had incredible conversation last night about a variety of topics, and here I am this morning looking at the morning light and trying to saave the rainforest via Facebook (L'il Green Patch : Plug) when I have a thought.

Everyone says, "Love life to the fullest, live it as best you can, always do your best to be involved, etc." The problem is, the more you love life, the harder it's going to be to die. If you hate life, and your time comes to go to the great gatekeeper in the sky, well, alright, you're fine. You were probably tired of life anyway. If you really love life with all your heart and soul, if every moment is an absolute wonder to behold, if you look at your challenges as opportunities and your successes as glorious marks down an endlessly entertaining path, dying is going to suck more than anything else could possibly suck.

Unless you start to think of death as, not an end, but a continuation of life in a different form. Hopefully the ability to love will remain intact through the portal and on the other side . . . a chance to love a whole new facet of existence. That is where hope lies.

Gee, I'm awful chipper at 8:14 in the morning.

(Love, Matthew.)
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Test and Writings

Well, this blog was initially intended to be a test to see if Flock can post it to two blogs at a time, notably Xanga and Blogger. If it can, I'm considering opening a blog with all the major services and doing multi-posts, so I can be connected on every facet.

In other words, if it's easier to connect by being multifarious in my choice of services, why not be?

Multifarious = varied, according to

So what else is going on? It's raining outside, and it poured like cats and dogs last night. I am pleased to note that my biological clocks and circadian rhythms are still in effect. I went to bed a little late for me (after midnight) and this morning I still woke up on cue at 7 o'clock. I am most pleased with this. I am steadily weaning myself off of alarm clocks altogether.

Breakfast consisted of a banana and the heel of a loaf of bread with some peanut butter on it. I feel like an apple wants to be added to that mix as well.

So I hung out with the Brothers Watson last night (Mason and Robert), and Rollins. It was great to see everybody, including Robert's dog Bacon. Bacon is a white bulldog with a brown and white face, and he is very protective of his master. He is a good dog. Also I got to see Lisa, the mother of the Watsons, who seemed happy and healthy. We all swung by the mall, where I got absorbed in a really excellent statue standing outside the cigar shop. The statue is a "native american" and I don't know whether the artist was simply incredible or the wood was still alive, but that thing seemed uncannily real at times. Uncannily so.

Autre de ca, there isn't a whole lot to write about. There will be no beach walks today; the weather has seen to that. It probably is a rain day . . . inside all day enjoying the sounds of wind and rain.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solar Energies, Other Alternatives

Hey, first check out Dr. Shi's excellent points.

After that, let's talk for a bit about solar energy. The average American home is over 2,000 square feet, with a large portion of that space covered by roof. It takes about 500 square feet to completely power a home with slightly lower than normal energy usage. Extra energy goes back to the power companies, you get paid for it.

The initial investment is around $45,000, with a 30% tax incentive being the absolute minimum government incentive.

Of course, consider a power bill of not only $0, but quite possibly -$ as well, where you get paid.

This is all in addition to the conscious cleansing knowledge that your energy comes from the most abundant source EVER.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flock and Other Mindfulness

Wellness and Meditation, Greetings to All.

There was a recent discovery here through channels of inextricable fate-bound paths of a new web browser called Flock. As I understand, it is based on the Mozilla engine, which also forms the basis for the famed Firefox browser. Flock has a lot more built-in featurettes than Firefox, which ships with the goal of ultimate customization. The garden analogy is that Flock has seeds planted and growing, irrigation built in, and many packages of seeds stored away, where as Firefox has some seeds planted, irrigation built in but needing to be turned on, and many packages of seeds stored away. They are both excellent gardens, and right now I am very much enjoying the eco-version of Flock.

Thank you to the interested forces in the universe for this gift.

The integration with Facebook and Blogger have so far been very enjoyable. I am still discovering the browser, but I feel I am safe in offering a recommendation to

Blessings to you, and may many happy days be for you.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Energy, or Lack Thereof

You know, sometimes it feels like there is literally no energy in my body. Right now I feel like I could just slump to the desk and stay there all day. And yet I don't. Maybe that's what energy really is, continuing on in spite of absolute weariness.

Honestly I think I've been sleeping too much. I slept 17 hours Friday night and 10 hours last night. Caitlyne sais that that sleeping too much releases poisonous chemicals in the soma. Perhaps it does.

Maybe collegiate sleep deprivation is actually essential.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vocabulary Enlightenment

Chiropteran = bat.

If anyone has seen Blood + (which I haven't in a long time since I quit watching television), the evil, demonic, gargoyle-esque minions of the Enemy are called Chiropterans, and they do look quite like gigantic bats.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Here I Go Again

Well, the story continues.

After a long period of drought, the rain returns in the form of these ever present thoughts.

Life continues to move forward, dragging on giant chains the world-pillars of worry and obligation, the mighty Titan holding the Sanctuary of the Gods upon his back.

But the Titan is lost within the world the Gods created. In crimsons and blues and hues all shaded with the fiery passions of a thousand lives burning so brightly in time.

He swears his alliegiance to the Gods and upholds his obligation.

And that serves as the continuing metaphor for the world as it is seen at some times.

I have enrolled and am ensconced in The University of Mississippi. It is a place, and I can call it home. I thank my family for providing for this opportunity to find what it is that I can find here.

There is not much else to say right now. I am still very tired, but I am trying to stay awake until an hour for sleep arrives. I search for an hour that will maintain the soma's circadian rhythms.

The story of arrival at this point will be taken up next time.