Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A (Planned) Quick Update

Hello, loyalists and dissenters alike!

Things have been quite busy here in this reality. What with college starting up for the summer semester, trying to get holds taken off of accounts so I can buy books, trying to figure out financial aid, dealing with the cafeteria closing at 6:30, trying to keep my eating pure in a cafeteria environment, yoga classes beginning, and of course classes themselves I am having a hard time keeping up with it all! Really. Also, I wanted to get a planner to help schedule my homework and due dates and things like that, and apparently the bookstore ignores the next few months as if they don't exist. Every planner starts in August or July. I realize those months are backwards in the temporal sense, but mentally that's the way they came out.

So I'll make do with scraps of paper translated into an online/computerized calendar, probably. The only problem with that is finding the time to organize it initially. I could be doing it right now, of course, but I feel getting this blog done is also important. I also need to take a shower, a quick one. I'm almost out of baking soda. Buy baking soda! I use baking soda for everything: washing my hair, brushing my teeth, deodorant. If you wash your hair with it it's best to rinse with a vinegar/water solution to keep your hair shiny. In the U.K. baking soda is called bicarbonate of soda. How about that?

I think tomorrow I'll talk a little bit about self-efficacy, willpower, positive change, and addiction. It's what my personal experience best qualifies me to talk about. Seriously. If I can do the stuff I've done, anyone can. I'm not some special breed of human or anything like that, at least not that I know of.

I'm also wondering what I'm going to do my English photo journal project on. I don't have a ton of pictures, but I'll have to look through what I have and see if any stories come to the forefront of my mind where I can see them. Thanks for being here.

So goodbye silliness. Herein we find. Blessings unto you and all those connected to you in any way. May the great love that we have created fill your soul and may it always replicate itself in endless fashion. May all your endeavors be fruitful. May all the things you view as negative be a force of positive energy and life and change for you. My prayers, thoughts, and blessings go out to you, always. May you keep the Lord, unity, life, love, peace, and happiness in your soul, in your life, and in your words always. May you always find peace. May you receive the gift of eternal peace, to be anything you desire, to do anything you wish, and to say anything you please. May all that you are, do, and say be righteous and holy. May all your days be filled with the love of those around you. May you see the world as a place of beauty and strive always to protect it. May you strive always to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. May you find joy in your responsibilities, peace in your work, and pleasure in your discomfort. May all that is bad become good, and may all that is good remain forever and absolute. Hello, morning light, hello star shine, hello love.

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