Saturday, May 17, 2008

Early Morning

So we all had incredible conversation last night about a variety of topics, and here I am this morning looking at the morning light and trying to saave the rainforest via Facebook (L'il Green Patch : Plug) when I have a thought.

Everyone says, "Love life to the fullest, live it as best you can, always do your best to be involved, etc." The problem is, the more you love life, the harder it's going to be to die. If you hate life, and your time comes to go to the great gatekeeper in the sky, well, alright, you're fine. You were probably tired of life anyway. If you really love life with all your heart and soul, if every moment is an absolute wonder to behold, if you look at your challenges as opportunities and your successes as glorious marks down an endlessly entertaining path, dying is going to suck more than anything else could possibly suck.

Unless you start to think of death as, not an end, but a continuation of life in a different form. Hopefully the ability to love will remain intact through the portal and on the other side . . . a chance to love a whole new facet of existence. That is where hope lies.

Gee, I'm awful chipper at 8:14 in the morning.

(Love, Matthew.)
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