Saturday, September 8, 2007

Post Numero Un

Alright, so here is this blog. This blog is here, and I am typing it, and this is the first post, in this blog. This is not the first blog post I have typed. In fact, I typed many, many posts on my last blog at (Phoenix39571). However, I felt it was time to upgrade, and this blogger gizmo has some excellent integration functionality with all the new Google gadgets I just downloaded.

Such as, Google Desktop, Google Web Accelerator, Google Talk, Google Earth, Picassa (which is essentially Google Photo Album), etc.

I realize the previous sentence was not actually a sentence and therefore technically should have neither a capital letter nor a period, but such is life. Sometimes sentences that do not deserve the honor receive the trappings of a true, honest to God sentence. And nothing can be done about it.

I'm wondering, as perhaps are you, whether the purpose of this blog will be inane personal news (always interesting to read about nonetheless), extensive metaphysics (boring, but sometimes thought provoking), social commentary (generally boring), music talk (always interesting), or some other hitherto unforeseen purpose. It will probably be a combination of all of those things.

Let It Be is an excellent song, speaking of music, and the reason I bring it up is because I've got KFOG radio (San Francisco's Own) playing on the computer at the moment and they deigned to put it on. It is a lovely thing for them to do, if you ask me. Oh yes, and The Beatles did that one, for those of you living in brown paper bags.

Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy my blog. I haven't much to write about at the moment, and I'm actually looking forward to getting all the settings down and get to where I can work this new blog like a master blacksmith works the edge of a sword, or something like that anyway.


Anonymous said...

On the last sentence...

That's what she said.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

=C-O-D-A= said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

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