Saturday, September 8, 2007

10 Percent? More like a nothingth.

Okay, I'm going to use this blog to try to work through a little thought I had earlier, so bear with me if the continuity is a little off. This is the first time I've written anything down about this thought other than its initial mention in a conversation I had with my mom.

On a side note, it's very difficult to think with the television on, and I wish I didn't have a roommate who watches TV. For now, however, I will view it as concentration training.

Generally speaking, what we've heard throughout our lives is that we use about ten percent of our brains.
Whether this is because of some fluke in our design or because the very process of being alive is so complex that it takes the other ninety percent just to keep breathing has never been determined. It's also never been determined exactly what we use that supposed ten percent for.

The part that really interests me is that there is actually no established link whatsoever between our thoughts and the organ in our body we call our brain.

Now, they say we only use ten percent of our brain (but here we're going to substitute brain with 'ability to think'), but what if we don't even use that much? What if it's not our brain, our thoughts at all? And here is where it gets odd.

Imagine that the entirety of creation is one gigantic thinking mechanism, or brain. The vast majority of this mechanism is involved with keeping itself operational, of course, but the process is divided evenly throughout the hundreds of billions of infinities of cells, organisms, creatures, rocks, and living beings making up this brain's creative matrix. Every part of this creation therefore has an equal share in the power of the thought of the entire universe. Now, on the whole, this would mean that our brains, and the thought processes that we use, aren't ten percent of anything at all, but rather the tiniest fraction of infinity.

Now, assuming that this is true, and we have merely the tiniest inkling of thought compared to the majesty of the universe as a whole, think about what this must mean about the power of the entire structure! Here we are with our grain of sand on a beach, somehow able to create a culture, a society, literature, stories, lives, machines, and tools. This tiniest fraction of the tiniest portion of the thinking power that the entire universe shares, and we are able to use it to create a structure that makes our lives easier, that makes our own personal universe a thousand times more comfortable.

It is impossible to imagine the power that the entire structure as a whole must have!

Of course, it is possible to imagine, if we assume that the pattern scales downward and upward, which in an infinite system is the only possible assumption, i.e. our own existence mirrors that of the universe, primarily concerned with existing, and yet we have an entire system of existence inside of us that is completely ignorant of our greater purposes. You can imagine it, I'm sure, and so I don't really have to elaborate any further on this point.

The point that grabs me at this point is where does free will and a sense of self come from? As far as I can tell, that must be the influence of God in the universe, because there is absolutely no reason for us to exist sentiently unless there is some greater moral purpose to this system, some good toward which the system is working.

This is really boggling my mind right now. I have a really strong desire to stop discussing it altogether and just to let it be.

But the desire to explain has to come from somewhere.


The TV makes me feel bad about my thoughts, coming in at the times when I'm most involved with these things, a scream from a crime drama, a cry of "No!" ceasing my train of thought in its tracks.

Of course the entire thing is inexplicable, has always been here, and always will be here. That doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Someone seems to think that discussing it will somehow make it cease to exist. If that were the case our thousand year literary history would certainly have destroyed the universe by now.

I really am surprised a lot of the time that we manage to survive at all.

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